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First week of bulk in the books; New pictures; Delts/traps/calves workout.

Friday, September 8, 2006 by  
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Last night concluded the first week of my 2006 bulk. The workout was delts, traps and calves, and it went extremely well. I’m glad the first week is out of the way: I feel like I have my diet and training “dialed in”, and I’m firmly in the groove.

I needed a picture of me standing with the Titan for my upcoming review, so Lisa took a couple of pictures of me while I was working out, and a bunch once I was done. You can check a couple of the shots here.

For those who have asked me to provide a little more detail about workouts, here you are:

4 x 12 Seated barbell shoulder presses
4 x 12 Seated dumbbell lateral raises
4 x 12 Bent over dumbbell raises
4 x 12 Upright cables rows

4 x burnout Dumbbell shrugs

4 x burnout One-leg dumbbell calf raises

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