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Brand new backup system – no more “Down for daily/weekly backup…” messages!

Sunday, September 10, 2006 by  
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As the forum database grows in size, the daily backups have become more and more of an intrusion because the forum is shut down while the backup is running. The time it took to backup the entire forum each morning was approaching 10 minutes, while the weekly backups of the entire system were even worse – they took about an hour! Those of you who are online in the morning between 6:00 AM and 7:30 AM (Eastern time) have undoubtedly seen these annoying interruptions. The worst inconvenience is when a member starts writing a post while the forum is up, but while he or she is typing the forum goes down for a backup. Unaware that the forum is down, the unfortunate member submits the post only to be greeted by a message announcing that the forum is down for a backup. Hitting “back” doesn’t revive the post, and it is gone forever. mad

Yesterday I implemented a new hardware and software solution that allows me to safely perform “hot” backups of the entire JSF forum database without ever having to shut the forum down! Even better, these backups are automatically run every day, and then compressed and transferred off-site to a remote server. The remote server is also backed up to yet another server automatically each and every night.

The thought of losing all the data on the forum is unthinkable. With this new and improved backup system I can continue to safeguard our community’s data while totally eliminating the daily interruptions to the forums. Thanks to the new backup protocol and fully-redundant hardware I keep on hand at all times, even a catastrophic failure of the JSF servers would result in at most 24 hours of data loss and a half-day of downtime.

I know many of you are very happy about this news, and I am, too!

A very special “thank you” to everyone who chooses to support this site with an optional paid membership upgrade. Without your support JSF could not survive.

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