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Back workout in detail; New T-Bar row option for the Titan is here!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006 by  
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I’ve started to think of Wednesday as the “eye of the hurricane” because it’s the only day of the work week that I don’t train with weights. It’s a brief lull that allows me to sort of catch my breath before the next three workouts. I’m glad I put that day off in there right after back day: back day has become one of my most difficult, yet satisfying workouts.

Speaking of back workouts, I forgot to post mine last week, so here is the back workout I’m doing for the first three weeks of my bulk:

4 x 12 Low cable rows (narrow, palms-in grip)
4 x 12 Lat pull-downs (wide grip)
4 x 12 One-arm dumbbell rows
4 x 8 Deadlifts

Actually, last night I substituted T-Bar rows for the low cable rows because I got my brand new “John Stone” T-Bar row attachment for the Titan in yesterday and couldn’t wait to try it out! For pictures and a rambling video in which I attempt to explain why it’s called the “John Stone” T-Bar row, go here. Next week I’ll return to my scheduled back workout as written. I’ll be adding T-Bar rows again when I change things up in 2 weeks.

Astute readers may have noticed that I only do 8 reps per set for my deads, which is a bit of a departure from my normal rep scheme. That’s because with deads I like to go very heavy. Heavy deads are tough, but I derive a lot of satisfaction from lifting heavy objects off the ground. Maybe there’s a little powerlifter in me after all? 🙂

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