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Wednesday, January 23, 2019 - Welcome, guest user!

Strawberry Nitrean is here!; Expect brief outages over the next day or two.

I have some great news this morning from AtLarge Nutrition: Strawberry Nitrean is finally here! There have been numerous requests for a Strawberry Nitrean flavor, and knowing AtLarge this will be a fantastic tasting shake for those who like strawberries. After you’ve tried it, be sure post a review in the AtLarge Nutrition Review and Discussion Thread. Don’t forget, every few weeks AtLarge will pick a random post from their review thread and give the… [Read more]

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More software upgrades planned for today – brief server downtime expected.

I’ll be taking the servers down briefly sometime this morning to perform some additional software upgrades. The maintenance window is between 9:30 AM and 11:30 AM. As long as everything goes as planned the servers will only be down for around 10 minutes, but the downtime could be longer if unexpected problems are encountered. I have to be on-site to perform these upgrades, but I’ll update this page once the upgrades have been completed and… [Read more]

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Big changes over the weekend!

If you didn’t visit the site over the weekend, please be sure to read yesterday’s update. The forum has undergone a major software upgrade, and there are some significant changes that you will want to be aware of. Please be sure to take a second and vote in this poll. Effective immediately, all Bronze-level memberships and higher can use 175×175 pixel avatars! This is in addition to the many other benefits supporting members receive. For… [Read more]

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Forum upgrade complete; Poll: placement of user info on forum; Video remix.

Ths big news today is that yesterday the forum upgrade was completed successfully. Everything seems to be working very well! There have been a couple of minor issues, but all known issues have been now been resolved. Please visit the Upgrade information and discussion thread if you want to learn more about the new features, have a question or experience a problem. Also with regards to the forum, you may have noticed the user information… [Read more]

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New video (Volume: 8.3, Cheese factor: 9.7); Forum upgrade today.

Last night after my biceps/triceps workout (which was probably the best workout of my bulk so far), I made a video instead of taking pictures. I should make more videos, only I should try to make them not quite as loud and a little less cheesy. THE FORUMS WILL BE UPGRADED TODAY: The major forum software upgrade will be happening today. vBulletin has released the first maintenance release to version 3.6.0, and that’s what I… [Read more]

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Last night’s workout; New delts comparison photo; Third week of bulk begins.

Awesome workout last night (delts/traps/calves)! I’ve posted my post-workout thoughts and a new photo (actually it is a set of photos that are meant to show my delts/traps progress) in my media thread. Here’s last night’s entry. Today starts the third week of my bulk, so tonight’s bicep/tricep workout will be the last time I perform my current arm workout – next week I’ll be changing everything around. I think my body has already begun… [Read more]

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Forum software upgrade imminent!

This morning I want to let everyone know that the forthcoming major forum software upgrade will be happening very soon – possibly as early as later today or sometime tomorrow, but perhaps as late as sometime over the weekend. vBulletin has released the first maintenance release to version 3.6.0, and that’s what I was waiting for. Over 100 bugs were squashed between version 3.6.0 and version 3.6.1, but most of the bugs were very minor:… [Read more]

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Back workout in detail; New T-Bar row option for the Titan is here!

I’ve started to think of Wednesday as the “eye of the hurricane” because it’s the only day of the work week that I don’t train with weights. It’s a brief lull that allows me to sort of catch my breath before the next three workouts. I’m glad I put that day off in there right after back day: back day has become one of my most difficult, yet satisfying workouts. Speaking of back workouts, I… [Read more]

Added Wednesday, September 13, 2006 by

Chest progress; New comparison picture.

Awesome workout last night (chest/abs)! I’ve already added a quarter inch to my chest since September 1st, and my strength is increasing pretty quickly as well. I took a picture last night and compared it to a similar shot I took two years ago to the day. I’m running a bit behind this morning, so I’m going to have to cut this update short and get to ready for work. Have a great day!

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Time management tips.

A couple of people recently asked me to talk about time management. Honestly, time management is something I still struggle with, but I have made some very good progress in that area over that past few years. Here are a few tips that may help. Make a list of the regular tasks that you want to get done each day. Prioritize them. Block out time for the things you absolutely must get done, and then… [Read more]

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