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Brand new backup system – no more “Down for daily/weekly backup…” messages!

As the forum database grows in size, the daily backups have become more and more of an intrusion because the forum is shut down while the backup is running. The time it took to backup the entire forum each morning was approaching 10 minutes, while the weekly backups of the entire system were even worse – they took about an hour! Those of you who are online in the morning between 6:00 AM and 7:30… [Read more]

Added Sunday, September 10, 2006 by

Cheat meal; Last night’s workout; Shoulders doing well.

Last night’s planned weekly cheat meal was very good, but I sure don’t pine for junk food when I’m bulking the same way as I do when I’m cutting. Last night I simply was not craving pizza like I normally do. When I’m cutting down I usually count the days to my weekly cheat meal. I guess it stands to reason because when I’m bulking my diet is more varied and I’m eating a lot… [Read more]

Added Saturday, September 9, 2006 by

First week of bulk in the books; New pictures; Delts/traps/calves workout.

Last night concluded the first week of my 2006 bulk. The workout was delts, traps and calves, and it went extremely well. I’m glad the first week is out of the way: I feel like I have my diet and training “dialed in”, and I’m firmly in the groove. I needed a picture of me standing with the Titan for my upcoming review, so Lisa took a couple of pictures of me while I was… [Read more]

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Titan/Fitcore news; Bulking status update.

If you’ve been waiting for my review of the Titan Home Gym, your wait is almost over. I’ve been working very hard on the review, and at this point there are just a few minor tweaks, adjustments and a bit of polishing left to do. Also, Fitcore’s brand new web site is nearly ready for launch! I’ve seen the site, and it’s really something special. You can expect the new Fitcore web site and my… [Read more]

Added Thursday, September 7, 2006 by

Best AtLarge sale EVER – 15% off all orders!

I didn’t think it was possible for AtLarge Nutrition to top the incredible sale they had back in July, but they have done it! I have to tell you all right up front that this sale is very special and will not be repeated anytime soon. In fact, it is very possible that it will never be repeated. Now through Monday, September 11, 2006, you will receive an unheard of 15% off all orders! That… [Read more]

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Tips and techniques for developing a big chest.

I had another top-notch workout last night! Yesterday was my chest & abs workout, so I’d like to talk a bit about working the pecs. Properly targetting the chest is very difficult for a lot of people, especially beginners. Simply loading up the barbell with heavy weight and pushing it up and down is not sufficient. First, I’m a firm believer that a solid mind-muscle connection is a critical component of building mass. “Mind-muscle connection”… [Read more]

Added Tuesday, September 5, 2006 by

Titan review & new Fitcore website almost ready; Leg training is important!

It’s been a very busy weekend for me, so I’m very happy to have an extra day off from work today. Many of you will be pleased to know that I’m nearly done with my long-awaited Titan review! Also, Fitcore’s brand new web site is nearly ready to launch, and it’s really cool. Those of you who are interested in learning more about the best home strength training gym on the market have a lot… [Read more]

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Server problems continue – expect brief downtime today; Last night’s leg workout.

We experienced some server problems again early this morning. I was able to do a bit more digging this time, and at this point I’m pretty sure it’s not a hardware problem. Today I will be taking the forums down for about an hour to do some detailed systems checks and software/security upgrades. I’ve also disabled the JSF Mall as a troubleshooting measure, as that’s the only newer piece of software on the system. Thanks… [Read more]

Added Sunday, September 3, 2006 by

Server problem this morning; First bulking workout; A couple new pictures.

We experienced some issues with one of the JSF servers early this morning. Everything seems to be OK now, but it is possible that we may be dealing with a failing piece of hardware. I have spare servers/parts on-hand at all times, and I’ll be monitoring things closely over the weekend. If needed, I may have to take the web site & forum down while hardware is tested and, if needed, swapped out. Thanks for… [Read more]

Added Saturday, September 2, 2006 by

First day of my bulk; August in review.

This past month I’ve managed to get my weight back up to over 200 pounds while simultaneously dropping some of the fat I added over the month of July. In August I lost a half-inch from my waist and hips, and I added a quarter-inch to my arms and chest. Overall, my muscles look a little fuller than they did last month, but it’s hard to tell much difference by looking at my monthly full… [Read more]

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