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Detailed breakdown of my bulking gains after one month; New monthly photos.

Sunday, October 1, 2006 by  
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The first month of my 2006 bulk is over, and I’m very pleased with the progress I’ve made so far. Here’s a breakdown of the gains I’ve made over the last month. All measurements are “cold” (no pump) and flexed:

Weight: My starting weight was 202.4 pounds, and this morning I weighed in at 211.6 pounds. +9.2 pounds

Body fat %: I started around 9% body fat, and this morning I’d estimate I’m around 10% body fat. That means I’ve added around 3 pounds of fat and about 6 pounds of lean mass this past month. +3 pounds fat, +6 pounds lean mass

Arms: I started the month with 17 inch arms, and this morning they are at 17.5 inches. That’s how big they were at the end of last year’s bulk, so from here on out I’ll be breaking new ground. I wonder if I can continue to add 1/4″ every two weeks? We’ll see… +1/2″

Calves: My calves and upper legs have always responded very well to weight training. At the beginning of September my calves were 16.5 inches, and now they are at 17.25 inches. Again, that’s exactly where they were they were at the end of last year’s bulk. Muscle memory. +3/4″

Chest: At the beginning of September my chest was 43 inches, and this morning it’s 43.75 inches. Of course the chest measurement also includes the lats, and my lats have finally started to show some nice improvement. I’m still 1/2 inch down from my biggest measurement of 44.25 inches, which I hit at the end of last years bulk. Still, 3/4″ is good improvement. +3/4″

Forearms: Unless you’re 1FastGTX, forearms are a pretty small body part and can be tough to grow. I went from 13.5 inches to 13.75 inches this month, which ties my biggest measurement. I’m going to pass that 14 inch mark before this bulk is over! +1/4″

Hips: When I bulk my butt grows like crazy (must be all those lunges), and that makes my hips measurement go nuts. I started off September at 38.25 inches, and this morning I’m at 39.75 inches! That’s nothing – last year at the end of my bulk my hips were 41 inches. Maybe I can show off my onion in a rap video at the end of my bulk? +1.5″

Upper Legs: I’ve always had fast-growing legs, and when I train heavy and eat to grow, my legs get big and they do it fast. I started off September with 24 inch upper legs, and this morning I’m closing in on the 26 inch mark at a little over 25.75 inches. That’s within a half-inch of the biggest they’ve ever been. I’ll probably pass 27 inches this year. Just look at the difference in my pictures after a single month. My big legs have always been a source of frustration for me. Sometimes I wish I had chicken legs, like Doordude42. I’m kidding Doordude. I’m sure your legs are huge, even though you won’t post a picture of them. You’re probably just being humble. whistle +1.75″

Waist: Off course the first place I add fat is my mid-section. At around 10% body fat my abs are not really showing through very well, and all the carbs tend to make me look bloated anyway. At the beginning of September my waist was 32 inches, and this morning it’s 33.25 inches. I’m still a long way from where it was at the end of last year’s bulk – almost 35 inches! +1.25″

My shoulders have also shown some good visual improvement, which they very much need!

I worked very hard in September and I’m happy with my gains so far, but this month I’m going to redouble my efforts. Many of my measurements are at my lifetime best and it’s going to take a lot of hard work to continue to improve.

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