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What an arm workout; New pictures; Datacenter on permanent power.

Saturday, October 7, 2006 by  
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The arm workout I’ve been doing the past 3 weeks is extremely difficult: It constantly forces me to go beyond what I think I can handle. It has definitely helped me increase my pain threshold! Last night was the final night that I’ll be doing this particular workout because next Friday is when I start switching to new routines, as I do every three weeks. I sent this torturous arm workout out with a bang: I added 10 pounds (5 per dumbbell) to my dumbbell curls & decline skull crushers, 5 pounds to my preacher curls & seated ez-bar tricep curls and 5 pounds to my concentration curls & weighted bench dips. I also posted a few new pictures in my media thread. Here’s a direct link to last night’s entry.

The datacenter that hosts the JSF servers is now back on permanent power! Thankfully this week-long ordeal seems to be behind us.

Today I’ve got some work to finish up, then I’m going to clean the house (Lisa also has to work today, so I’ll be cleaning solo). Tonight is leg night, and tomorrow I’m not doing anything once I update this page and do my cardio!

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