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Nice day off yesterday; New Favorite Thing: Viewsonic 22″ LCD WS monitor.

Monday, October 9, 2006 by  
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I had a very enjoyable day off yesterday. I got the car washed, went for a nice drive, ran a few errands, watched a couple movies and hung out with Lisa and the dogs. I went to bed around 10:00 PM and got a good night’s sleep. Sounds fairly boring, I know, but it was just what I needed. This morning I’m feeling rested and 100% ready for tonight’s workout (chest/abs).

My new  Viewsonic VX2235WM

My new Viewsonic VX2235WM

It’s been awhile since I added something to my Favorite Things thread. I have recently purchased an item that I’m totally in love with. In fact, I stare at it for several hours every single day. I’m talking about the Viewsonic VX2235WM 22″ widescreen LCD computer monitor.

The price on this monitor (currently on sale at the JSF Amazon Mall for $379.00) is outstanding, especially considering all the great features: native resolution of 1680×1050, fast 5ms response time, 700:1 contrast ratio, integrated speakers (I don’t use the speakers, but they are a nice extra feature if you need to take the monitor somewhere and don’t want to bring your speaker system or just need basic 2-channel sound) and Digital DVI + Analog inputs.

The monitor’s picture looks amazing, as does the monitor itself. It comes with a nice looking stand, and can even be wall mounted (it weighs just 13 pounds). This is my first LCD computer monitor, and I’m kicking myself for waiting so long to make the switch from CRT. The picture is crisp from edge-to-edge, and there’s none of the distortion and glare that you find with regular CRT monitors. It’s also infinitely cooler and consumes far less power than my old 20″ CRT display. You will love this monitor!

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