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Last night’s arm workout; New pictures; Plans for today.

Saturday, October 14, 2006 by  
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Last night was the final night of the arm workout I’ve been doing for the past four weeks. Next week I’ll be changing all the exercises, and I’m actually pretty happy about that because the selection of exercises in this workout and the order in which I do them make for one of the toughest antagonistic superset arm workouts I’ve ever performed. This workout has been especially tough the last two weeks because last week I significantly increased the weight on every exercise. This week I managed to increase the number of reps I did to new personal best levels using the heaviest weight I’ve ever used for reps. Additional details on the workout along with three new pictures can be found in last night’s entry to my photo journal.

Today Lisa and I will be doing our last major trimming of the season in our gardens. It’s a pretty big project, and later tonight I’ve got my leg workout. Thankfully things have cooled down a bit outside (the high today should be in the lower 80s), so without the oppressive heat to deal with I should have plenty of energy left for tonight’s workout.

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