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My rear delts are lagging, but I’m going to fix that!

Sunday, October 15, 2006 by  
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It seems like every time I bulk a particularly weak area presents itself and become my priority. These pictures from Friday night have made this year’s priority very clear: REAR DELTS. Delts have always been a weak area of my physique. I have made some good improvements in that area over the past year, but my rear delts are still lagging behind. I usually start off my delts workout utilizing pressing moves that primarily work the front delts, then I work my side delts and, finally, I hit the rear delts. I’m going to reverse that order starting with my next workout, and add one more exercise specifically designed to hit the rear delts.

I have today off from weight training. I’m going to go do some cardio, eat breakfast and go do something fun and relaxing. Enjoy your Sunday!

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