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Arm growth stalled – changes/new workout; New pictures; A couple of reminders.

Saturday, October 21, 2006 by  
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Here’s the arm workout I did last night, and what I’ll be doing for the next 3 workouts:

Superset #1: 4 x 12 barbell curls / 4 x 12 lying french curls (ez-bar)
Superset #2: 4 x 12 hammer curls / 4 x 12 tricep pressdowns
Superset #3: 4 x 12 cable curls / 4 x 12 kneeling overhead cable tricep extensions

Some of you may have noticed that I reduced the volume I was doing by one superset. This is because my arms have been stuck at 17.5 inches (cold) for 3 weeks. I suspect that the extreme amount of volume I was doing may have actually begun to hinder my progress. It’s also possible that arm growth past my current size will simply come at a slower rate than what I’ve seen in the past. Time will tell!

I wrote a bit more about last night’s arm workout and why I changed things around in last night’s media journal entry. I also posted a couple of new pictures.

A couple of reminders: On Monday I will be posting my long-awaited Titan review. It’s a fairly lengthy review, and I hope you all will enjoy it! Also, on Tuesday morning registration for the November “100 Challenge” will begin.

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