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A day of rest; Adding fat while bulking.

Today is a cardio-only day, and I really need the rest. I’m nearly two months into my bulk, and five brutal workouts per week at maximum intensity over a four month period is a definite challenge to sustain (but I’m up for it!)

I’m up to a little over 11% body fat now. While 11% body fat doesn’t seem that high to some, it is for me. I felt fat for the first time since last year’s bulk while getting dressed to go out yesterday. My legs no longer fit into my normal jeans, and I had to switch to my “bulking jeans”. I’m not concerned about getting shredded up once my bulk is over – that’s fairly easy for me – but for a former fat guy, adding fat while bulking is always a bit of a mental hurdle.

Don’t forget: Tomorrow I will be posting my long-awaited Titan review, and on Tuesday morning registration for the November “100 Challenge” will begin.