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My Titan review is up!

Monday, October 23, 2006 by  
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I’ve been strength training using the Titan T1 home gym for the past 17 months, and I honestly believe that it has played a huge role in the progress I’ve made during that time. I’ve made no secret of that fact that I love my Titan T1 strength training equipment, but until today I’ve never posted a formal review of the Titan.

The Titan is capable of so much, so it was rather difficult to cover everything while keeping the review to a readable length. I worked very hard to strike a good balance between “detailed” and “mind-numbing” (although the review is fairly lengthy), and I believe I’ve covered most of the salient information that a prospective Titan owner would want prior to purchase.

Enough of my yapping. Here is my long-awaited Titan T1 review. I hope you enjoy it! [NOTE: This review was pulled after I withdrew my support of the Titan]

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