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New chest workout; Opticen on sale; Titan review; November “100 Challenge”.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006 by  
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For last night’s workout (pecs), I changed from an all-dumbbell workout to an all-barbell workout (except for my finishing exercise, which is always cable crossover work). This is a pretty basic chest workout, but it gets results. I realize that some feel the decline bench press is not needed, but I really do feel that it has helped me, so I do it. Here’s the chest workout I did last night, and what I will be doing for the next three weeks:

4 x 12 Barbell Bench Press
4 x 12 Barbell Incline Press
4 x 12 Barbell Decline Press
4 x “Burnout” Cable Crossover (low position)

I wasn’t exactly sure how much weight I could handle, so for a starting point I went back to last year’s bulking workout logs and then added 20 pounds to each exercise (except cable crossover) over the heaviest weight I used last year. I used strict form, and each rep was very controlled. I was amazed at how light the weight felt. I had no problem doing 12/12/12/12 for every exercise. I also added 5 pounds to my cable crossover, setting another personal record. I’ll be adding 10 more pounds to every exercise next week. I’m definitely a lot stronger now than I was last year!

My long-awaited Titan T1 review was posted on Monday. I hope you enjoy it!

Registration for the November “100 Challenge” is now underway! Your Official Challenge post must be made by 7:00 AM (EDT) on November 1, 2006 if you plan to participate. To participate, you must be a member of the forum. If you are not a member, simply create a free account. For all the details, official rules and sample entry data, just head over to the November “100 Challenge” thread on the forum. If you are ready to work hard and want to challenge yourself in a fun and competitive environment, then please take part! If you decide to join the challenge, then you are expected to see it through to the end. No slackers!

Our friends over at AtLarge Nutrition are running a great special on Opticen for a very limited-time. Chris of AtLarge has this to say about Opticen and the sale:

“Have you tried the best meal replacement/gainer protein product on the market? What, no? Why not? Don’t you know that Opticen is one of the very few MRP/gainer products to utilize a blend of 3 kinds of whey (isolate, hydrolyzed, and concentrate), caseinates, and egg albumin? This blend optimizes your net retention of ingested protein. You simply cannot get a better protein product and when you combine it with quality carbohydrates and a myriad of vitamins and minerals you have one of the best supplements available today.

Did I mention it has special ingredients to give you that satisfying feeling of fullness you usually only get from foods?

Ok, ok, you are convinced but your wallet is feeling a bit light, right? No worries, we can help with that as well…

For a very limited time you can purchase Opticen, the #1 MRP/Gainer protein on the market, for the incredibly low price of $26.95 (4.6 LBS of powder)! That is $9.00 off our regular price!

You won’t find a better deal! Don’t wait, buy now!”

Chris Mason
AtLarge Nutrition

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