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Lisa complements my arms, I inadvertently insult her; 19.25″ arms (pumped).

Saturday, October 28, 2006 by  
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Guys, if your wife or girlfriend ever grabs your arm and says “Wow! Your arm is almost as big as my thigh!”, be very careful with your reply. This happened to me last night, and I messed up.

“Thanks! I’ve really been working hard in the gym.” < – Good answer! Good!
“What? My arms are nowhere near as big as your thighs!” < – Bad answer! Bad!

I chose the latter, and I’m still living it down. I was trying to be self-effacing about my arms, while complimenting Lisa on her quads. I guess my intent was lost in translation. Keep in mind that Lisa is 115 pounds soaking wet and very ectomorphic, so you’d think my reply would have been understood for what it was. I sometimes forget that not everyone is striving for big legs.

A lot of you younger guys may be wondering why women often seem so complicated, and if that will change as you get older. The answer is “LOL”.

Of course I spent the rest of the night calling Lisa “saddlebags”. Thankfully Lisa has a very good sense of humor. Or, more likely, she puts up with me while remaining mostly unruffled.

Actually, Lisa was not far off the mark. Her thighs are about 20 inches, and last night after my arm workout my arms measured around 19.25 inches – a new personal record! More details on last night’s workout along with a new picture can be found in yesterday’s entry to my media journal.

My long-awaited Titan T1 review was posted on Monday. I hope you enjoy it!

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