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Talking a bit about my bulking progress so far, along with a couple of predictions.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006 by  
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Yesterday I posted a stats comparison to mark the halfway point of my bulk, and tomorrow I’ll be taking the corresponding monthly photos. Back when I took progress photos every day the process became very routine, almost mundane. Now that I take “official” progress photos just once per month, I have to admit that I tend to get a little anxious about them. I think it’s because daily changes are small, but changes over a month (good and bad) are far more pronounced. Also, if the pictures are not good we’re all stuck looking at them for an entire month. lol

This morning I tried to look at my reflection in the mirror objectively, and I’m definitely looking bigger than I ever have in my life. I’m 5 pounds lighter now than I was at the end of last year’s bulk, but my bodyfat percent is 2 points less now than it was then, and my muscles are all measurably and visibly larger. My upper body width has increased quite a bit, and I feel that once I cut back down to 6-7% body fat I’m going to have a fairly nice “V” shape for the first time in my life (especially after another couple months of bulking). My quads have always grown fast, and they have already blown up to just shy of 27 inches – an almost 3 inch gain. All those heavy squats and deads are making it very difficult to wear anything other than loose shorts! Even my “bulking” jeans (which are huge in the thigh) are starting to feel very tight against my legs. By Christmas I’m pretty sure I’m not going to have anything that fits aside from my workout clothes. I estimate that I’ll be around 235 pounds by the end of the year, and perhaps 210-215 pounds once I’m totally shredded up.

I need to go (what else) eat now. I’ll be back tomorrow with pictures!

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