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New monthly photos; “3 Extremes” comparison photos.

My monthly pictures are up, and I’m actually pretty happy with them. At around 11.5% body fat, I’m still fairly lean, and my weight this morning is up to 223 pounds! It’s amusing to note that I’m eight pounds heavier in today’s photo than I was in my very first photo. I remember reading some comments during the first year of my transformation in which several people said I’d gain all the weight I lost back. Well, it looks like they were right! 🙂

My quads have totally exploded. They are just shy of 27 inches – a 3″ gain per quad. You can get a good sense of their growth by comparing my September 2006 picture to my November 2006 photo: I’m wearing the same boxers in the September picture as I am in today’s picture. The boxers have not shrunk, there is just a lot more leg filling them up! I guess it’s time for a new wardrobe. Again.

I’m also very happy with my the progress I’ve made to my pecs and lats so far. My chest measurement is right at 45 inches, and I’m finally getting that upper body width I’ve been working towards all these years. There’s still a lot of work to do. Eventually a 50″ chest would be very nice!

Here’s a fun set of comparison photos that I put together this morning. I call it “three extremes” because these pictures represent the far edges of the drastic changes that my body has undergone over the last 4 years. I’m not saying that any of these pictures represent how I want my body to look – they don’t – they are just captured points of interest on my long and exciting journey thus far. I do feel that after a couple more months of bulking and another cut I’ll be closer than ever to my desired physique.

Three Extremes

Three Extremes