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Good leg workout last night, except for lying leg curls.

Sunday, November 5, 2006 by  
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Last night I worked legs, and it was the first workout of this bulk in which I did not increase weight and/or reps for an exercise. The exercise I’m talking about is lying leg curls, and I did four sets (12/11/8/8 reps) compared to the 12/11/9/9 reps that I did last week (using the same amount of weight). I felt great in the gym last night, and I increased weight and reps on all my other exercises. I think what happened with my leg curls is I miscounted the number of plates and accidentally left one off on my first working set. While I was doing the first set I thought, “Man, the weight feels light tonight!” When I was done with the set I checked the plates and immediately saw my error. Of course I didn’t count that first set, but even missing a plate it was still fairly heavy and fatigued my legs enough to affect the other 4 sets. I guess even basic math can be difficult when the mind is totally focused on the set ahead. 🙂

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