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Flu season is here – some tips for getting through it.

Monday, November 6, 2006 by  
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A whole lot of people I know are sick right now, and I’ve seen quite a few posts from forum members who are also feeling under the weather. A couple of weeks ago I started feeling like I was getting sick, but I managed to fight it off before if affected me enough to interrupt my daily schedule. Sometimes no matter what you do in terms of diet and exercise, picking up a virus or bug can’t be avoided, but there are a few things I do when I feel something coming on to help stop it before it can really take hold…

  • No alcohol. I never drink when I’m bulking anyway, but if I were drinking this would be the first thing I would stop if I started to feel ill.
  • Sleep! If you start to feel sick, try to get an extra hour or two of sleep each night. I usually sleep 7.5-8 hours, but if I start feeling bad I’ll increase this to 9 hours or more by going to bed early.
  • Be sure to take your multi-vitamins. A lot of people forget to take their multi, but I’m very strict about this and it makes a difference. Do what you have to do to remember!
  • Take extra vitamin C.
  • Eat your veggies!
  • If you really start feeling bad, consider skipping weight training. Your want your body to have the maximum amount of resources for fighting off the invading organism.
  • Wash your hands often!

Some people take stuff like Echinacea, but personally I’ve never noticed any positive benefit from it. Do what works for you, and if you do get sick rest up until you are better. Some people try to get back at it before they are fully recovered and relapse, or wind up fighting symptoms for weeks on end.

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