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Fat loss – start your lifestyle change TODAY!

Wednesday, November 8, 2006 by  
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We are well into November, and around this time of year a lot of people resign themselves to putting on fat “because of the holidays”. How many times have you heard (or said to yourself), “Oh, I’m not going to worry about it. The holidays are coming! I’ll start fresh after the new year…”? I think this is an excellent time of year to get started on a fat loss program. Imagine how good you’ll feel in two months if you get started today. Instead of starting the new year off from a dead stop, you’ll already have a full head of steam and plenty of momentum. You’ll start off the new year feeling like you are ahead of the game. That alone can be very motivating. You don’t have to deprive yourself through the holidays, but at the same time don’t use them as an excuse to pig out on junk food. You can enjoy yourself and indulge a bit without going totally overboard.

I strongly encourage those of you who want to make a change to resist the temptation to put it off. There’s always a “good” reason to wait. Don’t! Get excited! Fat loss is very rewarding and satisfying if you allow yourself to embrace the commitment. If you don’t truly have your heart in it, you will be wasting you time. If you approach your initial fat loss as the beginning of permanent lifestyle change, eventually you will wonder how you lived any other way. I’m not kidding – the benefits are that profound! Unfortunately many people view fat loss as a temporary solution to correct a problem. Those people reach their fat loss goal (or not) and then go back to their old habits before they have a chance to experience what real change feels like. Once you know how that feels, you’ve truly made it – congratulations!

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