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Weekly measurements/several new personal bests!

Monday, November 13, 2006 by  
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Every Monday morning I take my weekly measurements, and this morning I’m very happy with them! Please note that all my measurements are taken “cold”, which simply means my muscles are not pumped up.

First, my arms have finally hit the 18 inch mark. Attaining 18 inch arms has taken me several years of very hard work and consistent dedication to my training & diet, but I always knew I had it in me. I’m hoping that by the end of my bulk my arms will be at or above 18.5 inches so that after I’m done cutting down to 6% or 7% body fat they will still be around 18 inches.

My quads are still growing, but have slowed down a little bit. Today they are at 27.25 inches, which is a quarter inch of growth since last Monday. I won’t be surprised if they hit 28 inches by the end of my bulk. My legs have always grown like weeds!

My calves are closing in on 17.75 inches, but didn’t quite make the cut this morning. Hopefully by next week they will be there. I’m really blasting the hell out of them, as I want them to catch up to my arms.

I was disappointed to see that my chest size has not increased this week. Tonight is pecs, and I’m going to keep this in mind on every rep. Next week I’m going to hit 45 inches.

My forearms are closing in on the 14.25 inch mark, but are still short of it as of this morning. I know it sounds silly, but I enjoy knowing that my forearms are now nearly a half inch bigger than my upper arms were back in August of 2004. These goofy little reminders help keep me highly motivated.

Last (but not least!), I’ve finally broken through the 225 pound “barrier” that I’ve been bouncing off of for the past week. As you may recall, 225 pounds was my weight at the end of last year’s bulk (and the heaviest I’ve ever weighed), so when I saw that the scale read 226.5 this morning, I was quite pleased. I’m also about 2% less body fat now compared to the end of last year’s bulk. On a related note, I did not add any size to my waist measurement this week!

I’m well into uncharted waters right now, and I’ve still got over a month and a half to go in this year’s bulk. This is the part of my bulk that I find most exciting, because everything from here on out is unexplored territory.

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