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Finding your inner-strength; AtLarge Westside DVD offer!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006 by  
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I remember when I first started working out I was often told that it would be almost impossible for me to achieve the coveted “V” taper because I have very wide hips. At first I was discouraged, and it would have been very easy for me to whine about my genetics and give up on that goal. Instead I thought to myself, “Yeah, you have wide hips, but everything is relative. Why not just make your upper body even wider?” After I first lost weight I weighed around 160 pounds; I had no upper body width, my pecs were woefully underdeveloped and my lats were non-existent. I still had a long road ahead, but I had a plan…

January 6, 2003 vs. November 13, 2006
January 6, 2003 vs. November 13, 2006

Fast-forward around 3 years. Even though I’m still bulking right now and clearly carrying extra body fat in my mid-section, I’m finally starting to get the look I’ve been after all these years. The “V” shape I’m after is evident now, but imagine how pronounced it will be once I strip away the body fat I’ve amassed during this bulk and my abs are showing! After all these years of hard work I can’t describe how good it feels to finally see one of my long-term goals coming into focus.

My point is this: None of us can do a damn thing about the genetic hand we’ve been dealt, but we can work around our genetic weaknesses and take advantage of our genetic strengths. I’m not going to lie, it hasn’t been easy and the results didn’t come quickly – the best things in life never do. So, how bad do you want it? Do you have what it takes to reach your goal? I believe most people have incredible inner-strength, but you have got to believe in yourself before you can ever tap into that power.

AtLarge Nutrition has a pretty spectacular offer going on right now! You’ll definitely want to check this out:

AtLarge Nutrition, LLC has teamed up with Westside Barbell for one of the most exciting POWERLIFTING offers ever!

While supplies last purchase $150 worth of AtLarge products (Nitrean, Opticen, ETS, Thermocin, Creatine 500, or Multi-Plus) and get your choice of either Westside’s Squat or Bench Workout DVDs. That is up to $66.45 (including shipping) worth of Westside DVDs ABSOLUTELY FREE!

These videos include the commentary and methods of Louie Simmons one of the best known and most respected strength coaches in the world. The following is a brief description of each video:

Bench Press Workout (Revised October 2004):
This DVD shows both Max Effort (ME) and Dynamic Effort workouts (DE) performed the Westside way. See the Westside athletes using chains and bands and performing floor presses and other “secret” techniques which will help you to maximize your bench pressing potential.

Squat Workout:
Louie Simmons explains the Max Effort (ME) and Dynamic Effort (DE) workouts designed to optimize your posterior chain. See workouts done by actual Westside stars! Learn the “secrets” and special Westside techniques and exercises such as arch-back good mornings, glute-ham raises, reverse hypers and much, much more. This is a double DVD series approximately 3 hrs in length.

The best supplements money can buy and the best powerlifting instructional DVDs. Combine the two and you have the key to your ultimate POWERLIFTING success! Get the products, get the DVDs and get on the road to optimize your body!


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