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New arm routine/new triceps exercise; Last night’s workout.

Starting today I’ll be changing all my workouts around and performing the new workouts for the next four weeks. For my new arm workout, I decided to use a mix of my favorite mass builders, and I also added a new tricep exercise that 1FastGTX came across and suggested (more on that below). Here’s what I’ll be doing for my arms, starting tonight:

Superset #1: Machine Preacher Curls & Cable Pressdowns (4 supersets of 12/12 reps)
Superset #2: DB Curls & Rolling Triceps Extensions (4 supersets of 12/12 reps)
Superset #3: EZ-Bar Curls & Standing DB Extensions (4 supersets of 12/12 reps)

The “Rolling Triceps Extensions” are new to me, but GTX said they absolutely killed, so of course I have to try them! Here’s how to perform the exercise: Lay on the floor and use several small plates (25s) instead of big plates to allow for a greater range of motion. Keep the bar behind your head, and extend it up like a skullcrusher. Lay it back down on the floor behind you and let it rest on the ground very briefly (1/2 second). Repeat. That’s it!

Last night’s delts/traps/calves workout was pretty spectacular. I was very fired up for the workout! I’m extremely happy with the strength gains I’ve made with my delts, and the size gains are coming along slowly but surely. I added 5 more pounds to my shoulder presses and did more reps than last week. I added 2.5 pounds per dumbbell to my lateral raises and did 12/11/10/9 reps, which I’m very happy about because the weight I used is considerably higher than anything I was doing at the end of last year’s bulk for laterals. I also added another 5 pounds to my bent-over dumbbell laterals. I’m now within 10 pounds of doubling last year’s best weight for bent over laterals! I skipped my upright rows because I wanted to hit my traps directly with an extra exercise: I did front barbell shrugs and behind-the-back barbell shrugs. By the time I’d finished all those shrugs, I had a pretty amazing traps pump going – a nice preview of how I’ll look once my trap height improves. My calf work went well and I improved on the number of reps I did last week, but my ankles were really hurting. All in all, one of my best workouts yet! I’m very pleased.

Happy Friday!