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New leg workout; Food shopping done, but house cleaning today.

Here’s my new leg training routine for the next four weeks. I started doing this last night, and it was quite a workout:

4×12 Leg Extensions
4×12 Lying Leg Curls
4×12 Front Squats
4×12 Dumbbell Lunges

Yesterday we got all the food shopping done, including a trip to Costco where (as usual) we spent way too much money. If you are wondering what kinds of foods I buy, I posted my grocery store food list and my Costco food list last month. Here they are.

We did not get the house cleaning done. By the time we finished all the shopping and put everything away it was too late to dive into another project before my leg workout. So, this morning’s projects are cardio, breakfast and cleaning.

I’m going to go get the cardio done now. I’m starving, and the sooner I finish my cardio the sooner I can eat! Have a great Sunday. 🙂