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Happy Thanksgiving; New delts/traps/calves workout.

Thursday, November 23, 2006 by  
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I can’t believe that the 2006 holiday season is already upon us. I’d like to wish those who celebrate it a very Happy Thanksgiving! Today I’ll be roasting the turkey and making the mashed potatoes with roasted garlic, biscuits, stuffing and gravy. Lisa is on cranberry detail, and Lisa’s mom is making green bean and sweet potato casseroles and the deserts (pumpkin and apple pie).

I’m not going to let all that great food go to waste: As I mentioned yesterday, I’ll be timing today’s workout so that my Thanksgiving dinner is my second PWO meal. I’ve got everything worked out so that I can get all the cooking done and my workout in, while still eating all six meals on time and, of course, plenty of time to relax with the family. The only meal I’ll be eating off my regular diet is the actual Thanksgiving dinner, which will count as this week’s cheat meal.

Speaking of my workout, here’s the new delts/traps/calves routine I’ll be doing for the next four weeks:

4×12 Seated barbell shoulder presses
4×12 Seated dumbbell lateral raises
4×12 Bent over dumbbell raises

4×12 Barbell shrugs
4×12 Behind-the-back barbell shrugs

4xburnout One-leg dumbbell calf raises

I’m off to build a fire in the fireplace (it’s cold here!), make breakfast, do a little spot cleaning and prepare the turkey. Have a wonderful day! I’ll leave you with a picture of Loki (left) and Turtle all snuggled up with their new Thanksgiving toys… 🙂

Loki and Turtle

Loki and Turtle

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