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Last night’s arm workout; New pictures.

Last night’s arm workout was completely brutal. It was the last of four arm workouts using that particular set of exercises, and I wanted to send it out in style! I talked a little more about the workout and put up a couple of new pictures in my photo journal. Here’s the link. Next Friday I will start changing all my exercises around again, so this weekend I’ll be deciding on the new exercise selections… [Read more]

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I appreciate your suggestions and emails; More on my food logs.

I’m absolutely floored by the number of emails I received concerning yesterday’s update! It seems the menu section of my site is missed by far more of you than I ever could have imagined. When I stopped updating that part of my site, I honestly didn’t think was a big deal. In fact, until the subject came up a couple of days ago, I don’t think I’d heard a single protest. Now the floodgates are… [Read more]

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Interesting discussion about my food logs; New cutting program in January.

A very interesting discussion was started on the forum a couple of days ago concerning my food logs. As you probably know, my food logs are no longer updated due to the Non-Disclosure Agreement required by SwoleCat (who’s nutritional protocols I’ve been following with great success for over a year now). As you will see when you read the thread (which is 3 pages long and growing), my initial response can be summed up as… [Read more]

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Fat loss – start your lifestyle change TODAY!

We are well into November, and around this time of year a lot of people resign themselves to putting on fat “because of the holidays”. How many times have you heard (or said to yourself), “Oh, I’m not going to worry about it. The holidays are coming! I’ll start fresh after the new year…”? I think this is an excellent time of year to get started on a fat loss program. Imagine how good you’ll… [Read more]

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I don’t have much time to update because I’ve done nothing since I woke up at 6:30 AM but deal with some stupid drama that took place on the forums last night. I want everyone reading this who is a member of the forums to click this link. Read every last word. Do it twice if you have trouble retaining information. These are the rules you agreed to follow when you joined the forum. Ignorance… [Read more]

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Flu season is here – some tips for getting through it.

A whole lot of people I know are sick right now, and I’ve seen quite a few posts from forum members who are also feeling under the weather. A couple of weeks ago I started feeling like I was getting sick, but I managed to fight it off before if affected me enough to interrupt my daily schedule. Sometimes no matter what you do in terms of diet and exercise, picking up a virus or… [Read more]

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Good leg workout last night, except for lying leg curls.

Last night I worked legs, and it was the first workout of this bulk in which I did not increase weight and/or reps for an exercise. The exercise I’m talking about is lying leg curls, and I did four sets (12/11/8/8 reps) compared to the 12/11/9/9 reps that I did last week (using the same amount of weight). I felt great in the gym last night, and I increased weight and reps on all my… [Read more]

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Great arm workout last night!; Skipped cheat meal.

Last night’s arm workout was easily my best arm workout so far this bulk. I’m lifting more weight for more reps than I ever have in my life. I gotta say, it feels great! My energy levels and desire are redlined, and every workout seems to push the needle a little further to the right. I skipped my cheat meal last night. I’m totally sick of pizza, and I didn’t feel like going out. Maybe… [Read more]

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Rap music while I work out?!; Ronnie Coleman DVD.

Have you ever suddenly craved a food that you only sort of like? That happened to me last night, but not with food: it was with my lifting music. As you probably already know, normally when I lift I like to listen to hard stuff, such as Fear Factory, Diecast, Shadows Fall, Unearth, Stampin’ Ground, Dry Kill Logic, God Forbid, Killswitch Engage and Hatebreed… …so, last night I was about to train (delts/traps/calves) and for… [Read more]

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JSF Gear redesigns are on the way!

Something I’ve been putting off forever is redesigning the JSF clothing line to incorporate the new logo. Quite a few people expressed an interest in these products back when I was first toying with the idea of offering them, but in reality the sale were not that good. I guess that’s part of the reason I’ve made the redesigns a low priority. Black t-shirts were an oft-requested item, but CafePress did not offer them back… [Read more]

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