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Fired up about my 2007 cutting phase!

My two-week vacation starts this afternoon! As excited as I am about some time off from everything, I’m even more excited about starting my 2007 cutting phase on Monday, January 1st… Even though I’ve managed to overcome the mental hurdles that prevent many former fat people from doing a full-on bulk (and, in the process, adding some fat), I have to admit that I’m not very happy with how I look right now. It’s difficult… [Read more]

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No time off from lifting; instead a “light week”.

Just two more days and I’m on vacation until January 15th! I very much need a break from everything, as I’m starting to get that burned out feeling. As I said earlier this month, I will still be working out and adhering to my new cutting diet 100% while on vacation, but that’s because I want to do it, not because I “have to”. I normally take a week off from lifting every 3 months… [Read more]

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Random thoughts about my bulk; “Do you want to get bigger?” & “What’s next?”

I’m glad that I tried extending my bulk from my usual 3 months to 4 months, but at this point I can safely say that doing so was not very effective. Hey, it was worth a try – how else would I know?! I’ve clearly reached a point of diminishing returns. Despite incredible workouts and enough food to feed a small army, my progress this month has slowed to a crawl. At 234 pounds I’m… [Read more]

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Christmas day diet and workout; A couple of reminders.

At 11:15 AM yesterday I tore myself away from the morning Christmas festivities and did my chest/abs workout. I didn’t really feel like doing it, but once I got started I felt great! I blew away last week’s workout, adding weight and/or reps to every single exercise. As for my diet, it was a cheat day but I didn’t go completely nuts. I had some cheese and crackers, a little snack mix, and for dinner… [Read more]

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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

It’s a warm and rainy Christmas morning here in Central Florida. It almost feels like hurricane weather: a constant light drizzle and eerily still, warm air interrupted by relatively brief heavy downpours and gusty winds. I was really hoping for a cold snap so I could build a fire this morning. Maybe I’ll turn the air conditioning system down to 58 degrees and pretend that I live somewhere with distinguishable seasons. 🙂 I’m going to… [Read more]

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(Almost) post-bulk analysis; Cutting predictions.

Today starts the final week of my 2006 bulk. The past four months have been fun, challenging and rewarding. I feel like all my hard work has paid off, as I’ve made some very solid gains. That said, this past month my progress has slowed significantly, and I seem to be having a tough time putting on weight. I think my body is still attempting to adapt to being more heavy and more muscular than… [Read more]

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Last night’s arm workout; January 2007 “100 Challenge” open for registration.

I had a great arm workout last night, but I forgot to take my Aleve (Naproxen) until 20 minutes before my workout. Sure enough, my right elbow was killing me for about the first 15 minutes of the workout. After about 15 minutes, the Aleve must have kicked in because the pain just vanished. That stuff is great. I only need the Aleve for my triceps work, because that is the only time I get… [Read more]

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New delts/traps/calves routine; AtLarge 15% off sale!

Last night I rotated to a new delts/traps/calves routine. I was going to throw some new exercises in there, such as Scarecrows and One-arm leaning lateral raises, but I think I’m going to wait until I start cutting in a few weeks to incorporate those particular exercises. So, I went back to the well and did a routine similar to one that I used in September with good results. Here it is: DELTS 4 x… [Read more]

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I now have my complete 2007 cutting information online and ready to view! Let’s go through the changes one bit at a time… First, my food logs are back! The January 2007 food log has three complete nutritional plans: two different training day menus, and one menu for non-training days. Yes, I’ll be eating the same foods every day for at least the first six weeks. No, I don’t mind doing that. 🙂 All the… [Read more]

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New back workout; Thanks and respect.

Last night’s back workout was outstanding. In fact, I’d have to place it among the top three workouts for this bulk. When I finished my final set of deads I collapsed on the floor of my gym and remained there for a good five minutes. I was very winded, and totally exhausted. The body weight I’ve added combined with reduced cardio has certainly affected my cardio-vascular fitness level. Thanks to short rest intervals and daily… [Read more]

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