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I hope I’m not getting sick; Poor night of sleep; Chest workout tonight.

Monday, December 4, 2006 by  
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Uh oh, I hope I’m not getting sick! So far this year I’ve felt something coming on just once before this morning, and I successfully fought it off before it could take hold. This morning I’m feeling a bit rough around the edges, and my throat is a little scratchy. Hopefully it’s just lack of sleep: Lisa came back from her business trip early this morning (around 1:00 AM or so). The way the dogs were carrying on you’d thought she’d just returned from the dead, not a four-day trip! Anyway, after the dogs calmed down I had trouble falling back asleep. Eventually I drifted off, but I woke up a few more times throughout the night for some reason. This is just a stab in the dark, but maybe I had trouble sleeping because I was allotted exactly 4 inches of space on the edge of bed, and the equivalent of a small paper napkin for covers. Normally I get a full six inches of bed space and an 1/8th of a sheet, so I’m not sure how that happened. We definitely need a bigger bed! 🙂

I had a nice day off from training yesterday, and despite feeling a little haggard this morning I have every intention of training tonight. Tonight I’ll be working my pecs, and I really want to exceed a 46 inch chest measurement before the end of my bulk (currently 45.5 inches). Just four weeks to go, so every workout counts!

I’m going to go eat and take my vitamins, along with some extra vitamin C! If I get sick this year, it won’t be without a fight. Have a great day!

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