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Another great workout on the heels of a very bad day.

Wednesday, December 6, 2006 by  
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My work week so far has been terrible! It’s been one of those weeks where nothing has gone right and the work keeps piling up faster than I can get it done. This morning I woke up to several new serious network problems, and I’m still trying to deal with yesterday’s issues!

I try very hard to always keep a positive outlook, but yesterday was just a mess. Without going into too much detail, I’ll just say I dealt with more than my fair share of incompetent and rude 3rd party techs. I’m amazed that some of the people I spoke to are gainfully employed…

…anyway, last night’s back workout was another test of my resolve. I was irritated and stressed out, and I didn’t want to work out – I wanted a stiff drink! Instead, I went into the gym and tore into those weights as if they were the sole cause of my stress. I used my irritation as motivation, and it sure worked! I was actually hitting the heavy bag during my “rest” between sets. By the time I finished my workout, all the fight in me was long gone. I walked out of the gym as gentle as a lamb, and feeling great. 🙂

Like I said yesterday, the trick is learning how to get started and get into your workout regardless of how you feel. Once you are able to do that with consistency, the rewards – both immediate and long-term – will be yours.

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