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Intensity and effort.

Saturday, December 9, 2006 by  
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Thankfully whatever was bothering my stomach is totally gone. I felt good all day yesterday, and had a very intense arm workout last night. The abbreviated rest intervals (just 40 seconds) I’ve been doing between each superset in recent weeks adds another whole facet of pain to my arm workout. I’m completely out of breath the entire workout, and picking up the weights and starting the next superset when I feel like I’m about to collapse from exhaustion is a difficult mental challenge.

No   Intensity

No Intensity

As those of you who have been visiting this web site for any length of time know, I really believe in keeping the intensity levels of my workouts in the red. Even though it’s difficult to maintain that level through the entire workout, I really enjoy the challenge of it. When I finish my workouts, the feeling of accomplishment I enjoy is unbelievable! Those who wander around the gym simply going through the motions are wasting their time. You can tell when someone’s heart is in it, because they give a maximal effort from start to finish. Those are the people who make progress.

As an example of what NOT to do, remember this guy from Pumping Iron?

I thought that dude was going to fall asleep while doing his one-arm dumbbell curls! There’s no fire, no intensity and no drive there. Don’t be that guy! When you workout, give it a maximal effort from start to finish. Don’t let your mind wander, and don’t let anyone distract you from the job you came to do.

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