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Weekly measurements; New “Favorite Things” item: The Harmony 880 Remote.

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I had a nice day off from training yesterday. Lisa went Christmas shopping (my shopping is all done!), so I played with the dogs until we were all good and tired, then we curled up on the couch and watched movies all day. After this past week it was very nice to lay around with nothing to do and no obligations.

I took my weekly measurements this morning. My arms are still just shy of 18.5 inches, but I think by next week they should be there. My chest is just under 45.75 inches, so hopefully by next week that muscle group will also hit its new high water mark. My quads, which grow like weeds, are now 27.75 inches. My quads will easily hit the 28 inch mark by the end of this month. Of course some of that is fat, so I expect my quads to decrease at least an inch as I cut down. My forearms showed some growth, and are very close to 14.25 inches. My calves didn’t show any change. My waist is up a quarter of an inch, and my hips measurement stayed the same. I’m actually 1 pound lighter today than I was at the beginning of the month, but I was holding some water on the 1st, and this morning I’m relatively “dry”. Still, I think my body is saying “Dude, what the hell is going on here?” I’m still going to complete this month of bulking, but I think in the future 3 months of bulking is best for me; three month seems to be my sweet spot. I’m not wild about doing it, but I’m going to increase my calories slightly.

The Harmony  880 Universal Remote Control
The Harmony 880 Universal Remote Control

I’ve got to add this item to my Favorite Things thread: The Logitech Harmony 880 Universal remote control. This weekend I really put it through its paces, and it is a marvel. You program the unit through an easy-to-use web-based interface, and when you are done your custom configuration is downloaded to the remote via USB. If you change a piece of equipment in your system or need to adjust your macros, it takes mere moments to reconfigure the remote. Every last piece of equipment I own – including my lighting controller – was in Logitech’s database. Even if a piece of your equipment is not in their extensive database (highly unlikely), the Harmony can learn the commands from your existing remote. You can customize every button on the Harmony to perform any function you like. Where the Harmony really shines is preparing your system to perform an activity. For example, if you want to watch a DVD, you simply hit the “Watch DVD” button. The remote then powers on the needed equipment (TV, DVD player, Stereo system), switches everything to the correct inputs and starts the DVD. If you have a lighting controller, the remote will even dim the lights to the level you like! Lisa, who was always frustrated trying to remember how to set up our system to simply watch TV or watch a DVD, learned how to use this in about 30 seconds. You should have seen her face light up when everything worked as expected after hitting just one button! There are a number of thoughtful touches, such as a “help” button that is actually very useful, and a motion detector that automatically lights up the Harmony’s attractive LCD display and button backlighting when you pick up the remote! The remote comes with a battery pack and charging cradle, so you never need to purchase batteries. The Harmony has completely and totally replaced all six of my old remotes (which are now sitting in a drawer): TV, lighting system, stereo, CD jukebox, DVD player and the HDTV Cablebox/PVR.

If you are suffering from remote-overload, and are tired of hitting 100 buttons just to watch a DVD or TV, your problems are over. Get this remote!

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