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Day off; Despite increasing my calories, I’m losing weight!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006 by  
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As long as there are no network/server problems at work, I’ve got the entire day off today! My morning cardio is already done, and I have no training scheduled for tonight. I’m sure I’ll find something to do… whistle

Despite increasing my daily caloric intake, my weight is actually dropping! It’s astounding how much food I’m consuming right now. I’m eating more in one day than I used to eat in three or four days back when I was first losing weight. I’m not complaining: I love to eat, and I can certainly eat more! Because I just increased my food intake a few days ago, I’m going to give it another couple of days before I increase again. If I continue to drop weight over the next few days, I’ll increase my calories again. I swear, my cutting diet this year is going to be higher in calories than my bulking diet was in years past!

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