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New arm workout starting tonight; Santa workout pictures.

Friday, December 15, 2006 by  
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Starting with tonight’s workout I’ll be changing all my exercise routines around for the final three weeks of my bulk. I’m going to continue to use the “Rolling Tricep Extensions” that I’ve been doing for the past month because they are a great triceps exercise and have absolutely been kicking my butt! In case you missed it, here’s how to perform the Rolling Tricep Extension exercise: Lay on the floor and use several small plates (25s) instead of big plates to allow for a greater range of motion. Keep the bar behind your head, and extend it up like a skullcrusher. Lay it back down on the floor behind you and let it rest on the ground very briefly (1/2 second). Repeat. That’s it!

So, here’s what I’ll be doing for my biceps/triceps superset workouts over the next 4 weeks:

Superset #1: Hammer Curls & Rolling Triceps Extensions (4 supersets of 12/12 reps)
Superset #2: Barbell Curls & Standing Ez-Bar Tricep Extensions (4 supersets of 12/12 reps)
Superset #3: Concentration Curls & Heavy Weighted Bench Dips (4 supersets of 12/12 reps)

I had a great delts/traps/calves workout last night, and did the whole thing wearing a Santa hat. Don’t ask me why. I guess I was just in a funny mood. Pictures.

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