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Tips for big arms.

Saturday, December 16, 2006 by  
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The new arm workout routine that I put together for the last few weeks of my bulk is a good one! I’m confident I’ll see some nice growth in my arms and forearms using this workout before the month is through.

People always email me asking how to get “big guns”. In fact, with the exception of “how do I get a six-pack”, that’s probably the most-asked question I get.

There are several important elements to building big arms, but one of the most important pieces of advice I give (and, regrettably, probably the most oft-ignored) is to squat. What I mean by that is the big compound moves are the keys to building overall mass, including the arms. Squats, deadlifts, bent-over barbell rows and the bench press are critical exercises. Sure, you can increase your arm size without doing those lifts, but it’s an uphill battle and you are not going to see anything close to your real potential without those massive compound lifts!

The second thing you need if you want to start ripping the sleeves out of your shirts is proper nutrition. You’ve got to eat to support growth. An abundance of natural, unprocessed foods such as chicken breast, fish, shrimp, lean steak, fibrous veggies, rice, potatoes, egg whites, oatmeal, natural peanut butter and olive oil (to name just a few) is crucial for growth. You won’t grow if you are not giving your body a good supply of the raw materials it needs to build muscle.

Next is recovery. You’ve got to give your muscles time to grow. Get plenty of rest, and allow your muscles time to recover before you work that muscle group again. I work each of my muscle groups directly just once per week.

I strongly believe that compound exercises should form the foundation of any strength training program, but I also believe that isolation exercises are very important. My bicep/tricep superset workout, while very effective for me, is last on my list of things to do for bigger arms because I feel that if the other things I’ve discussed are not in place you’re going to be spinning your wheels no matter what you do. As for isolation arm work, I suggest you give one of my antagonistic superset arm workouts a try. Here are the principles I follow: No rest between each bicep and tricep exercise; rest no more than 1 minute between each superset; rest no more than 2 minutes between each new set of exercises; keep it intense, and focus on good form with a solid mind-muscle connection.

Using the above principles, my arms have grown from 13.75 inches (unpumped) to 18.5 inches (unpumped) in a little over 2 years.

Now get in that squat rack and grow those guns!

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