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Complete 2007 cutting information to be posted this week – 98% done.

Monday, December 18, 2006 by  
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My 2007 cutting plans are 98% complete. I’ll be posting my new cardio routine, weight training splits, weight training style and my detailed food/supplement plan sometime this week – perhaps as soon as tomorrow. The food/supplement logs will be in the familiar “spreadsheet converted to html” format that all my existing food logs are in. The food log I post will consist of two complete meal plans: one for training days and one for non-training days. I will be eating exactly what is on these two meals plans for approximately the first six weeks. After six weeks (or sooner, if required) I will post my revised food plans in their entirety.

One of the things most people will be surprised about is the amount of food I will be eating: over 4,200 calories on training days, and around 3,900 calories on non-training days. That may seem like a lot of food for a cutting diet, but don’t forget that by the end of this month I’ll weigh around 235 pounds and will only be around 14.5% body fat. It takes a lot of food to sustain that kind of muscle, and maintaining my muscle is one of my primary goals. Like I said yesterday, this cut will be slow and methodical. I’m not after fast fat loss results at the expense of my hard-earned muscle. It’s not even January, so I’ve got plenty of time.

I’m excited about posting my food logs again, and I want to thank everyone who posted and emailed me to let me know how much you’ve missed that feature. I really had no idea!

I’ve got an 8:00 AM appointment, so I’d better get going. Have a great day!

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