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New back workout; Thanks and respect.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006 by  
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Last night’s back workout was outstanding. In fact, I’d have to place it among the top three workouts for this bulk. When I finished my final set of deads I collapsed on the floor of my gym and remained there for a good five minutes. I was very winded, and totally exhausted.

The body weight I’ve added combined with reduced cardio has certainly affected my cardio-vascular fitness level. Thanks to short rest intervals and daily workouts my cardio-vascular system is still quite good, but I can certainly feel the difference between now and when I’m leaner and doing more cardio. I love bulking, but I’m very much looking forward to increasing my cardio and leaning up!

Returning to my back workout, I love it when it’s time to change things up and start a new exercise routine. I really like the back workout I’ve put together for the remainder of my bulk. Here’s what I’m doing:

4 x 12 T-Bar rows
4 x 12 Reverse-grip ez-bar bent-over rows
4 x 12 Wide-grip lat pulldowns
4 x 10-12 Deadlifts

I was going to throw some Good Mornings in there, but I decided to put a little more focus on my lats for the few weeks of my bulk. I’ve made good progress with my lats over the past 3.5 months, but would still like to eek out a bit more upper body width if I can.

OK, today’s going to be a very busy work day for me so I’d better get started. Before I sign off, I’d like to sincerely thank everyone who finds this site and the JSF forum worthy of their time. I truly appreciate each and every one of you for making JSF a small part of your busy life. I know firsthand that there’s no worse feeling than being uncomfortable in your own skin. It’s completely debilitating in many ways. It’s like a dark cloud hanging over you everywhere you go, impossible to ignore. One of the greatest joys of my life has been watching so many of you fight and claw your way back to health, happiness and a body that you can feel comfortable in. I admire you all for having the guts to look your demons directly in the eye and then dispose of them. It’s never an easy battle, but with the right attitude it’s always a winnable one.

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