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I now have my complete 2007 cutting information online and ready to view! Let’s go through the changes one bit at a time…

First, my food logs are back! The January 2007 food log has three complete nutritional plans: two different training day menus, and one menu for non-training days. Yes, I’ll be eating the same foods every day for at least the first six weeks. No, I don’t mind doing that. 🙂

All the supplements I’m taking are shown (highlighted in dark green to differentiate from the food), along with the exact times I’ll be taking the supplements. I will not be using any fat burners, pre-workout energy drinks, CEE, CEM or NO2 products. As you’ll see, most of my supplements are amino acids and EFAs. Focus has clearly been put on maintaining my muscle and fast, efficient workout recovery. Of course I’ll also be taking multivitamins and Nitrean protein powder (which I consider a food, not a supplement). Creatine monohydrate will also be utilized.

As you’ll see, I am eating nothing but 100% whole, natural foods. No preservatives, no crap. Nothing I’ll be eating is processed. This is going to play a critical role in getting down to 6% body fat while maintaining my muscle.

Note that my daily caloric intake is quite high, but not as high as I predicted it would be about a week ago. Again, we’re playing it safe and taking things very slow, especially out of the gate. My number one priority is maintaining the muscle I added over the past four months.

You may also notice that there is no mention of a cheat meal anywhere in my meal logs. That’s because I’m not going to have cheat meals. This is going to be 100% hardcore, vintage John Stone cutting. No cheat meals, no alcohol, no messing about. No one is forcing me to do this, this is what I want.

As I progress, my diet will change (obviously) and so will my supplement intake. I will create new food logs and post them anytime changes are made. You will know exactly what I’m doing at all times, if that is your desire.

Now, on to training. I’ve updated my training page with complete information on my workout and cardio schedule, and the weight training principles I’ll be following. Initially cardio will be very brief: just four 20-minute aerobic sessions per week. One of these sessions will even be immediately post-workout! All kinds of new things are afoot!

Later in the cut, my cardio will be increased, and I’ll probably be doing some LISS and some HIIT. Perhaps as I get my body fat down into the upper single-digit range, two HIIT sessions per day will be utilized.

I’d like to once again thank my friend (and forum member extraordinaire!) Mastover for all the hard work he put into my 2007 cutting plan. 🙂

I want to reiterate that I’m switching plans because I’ve been using SwoleCat’s protocols (obviously with great success!) for a couple of years now, and it’s time for me to try something new. I’ve got an insatiable desire to expand my knowledge and try new things, so this switch has nothing to do with anything other than that simple fact. I still highly recommend SwoleCat’s programs, and he is still a good friend and a sponsor here at JSF.

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