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New delts/traps/calves routine; AtLarge 15% off sale!

Friday, December 22, 2006 by  
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Last night I rotated to a new delts/traps/calves routine. I was going to throw some new exercises in there, such as Scarecrows and One-arm leaning lateral raises, but I think I’m going to wait until I start cutting in a few weeks to incorporate those particular exercises. So, I went back to the well and did a routine similar to one that I used in September with good results. Here it is:

4 x 12 Seated dumbbell shoulder press
4 x 12 Standing dumbbell lateral raises
4 x 12 Seated bent-over dumbbell lateral raises

4 x 12 Close-grip barbell shrugs
4 x 12 Behind the back barbell shrugs

4 x 12 Vertical calf presses

In case you missed yesterday’s update, I posted my complete 2007 cutting plan. It’s all there: cardio routine and schedule, weight training program, supplement intake, complete food logs and a detailed discussion on each aspect of what I’ll be doing. Check it out here.

I thought AtLarge ran their last sale of the year earlier this month, but Chris surprised me this morning with a great email! 15% Off all orders for the rest of the year! Nice! Details are immediately below. Have fun!

AtLarge 15% Off Sale!

It’s the season of giving so AtLarge Nutrition, LLC is doing our part by giving you a tremendous discount on any orders placed between now and January 1st.

To take advantage of this special holiday order all you need do is place your order and type “xmas” in the discount coupon section during the checkout process. Our system will then calculate a 15% savings on the cost of your entire order, including shipping! Go here for additional information.

Take advantage of this special offer and get yourself ready for and new better you in 2007!

Happy holidays from all of us at AtLarge Nutrition!

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