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(Almost) post-bulk analysis; Cutting predictions.

Sunday, December 24, 2006 by  
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Today starts the final week of my 2006 bulk. The past four months have been fun, challenging and rewarding. I feel like all my hard work has paid off, as I’ve made some very solid gains. That said, this past month my progress has slowed significantly, and I seem to be having a tough time putting on weight. I think my body is still attempting to adapt to being more heavy and more muscular than it’s ever been in its life. The amount of food I’m eating every day is absolutely staggering, but I’m burning off calories as if they are nothing. There’s no question that my metabolism is revved extremely high right now! Lisa is always complaining about being cold, while I’m sitting around in shorts and sweating.

I’m not sure exactly how much fat I’m going to need to lose to get down to 6% body fat, but I can estimate. Let’s run some numbers. I figure I’ll be 235 pounds and 14% body fat at the end of my bulk (one week from today). I started off my bulk at 202 pounds and 9% body fat. So, I had around 18 pounds of fat on my body when I started my bulk, and I now have about 33 pounds of fat – roughly 15 pounds of added fat. Now, don’t forget that I started at 9% body fat, so I’m going to need to lose even more fat than the ~15 pounds I added in order to reach my desired body fat level of 6%. Without (yet) accounting for water weight (which is considered lean mass) reductions, I will weigh around 220 pounds at 9% body fat. That’s around 200 pounds of lean mass. So, that would put me around 212 pounds at 6% body fat – but that figure still doesn’t account for water weight loss. I’ll certainly dry out and become far less bloated as I cut, and that weight has to come from the lean mass side of the equation. I’m guessing around 5-7 pounds of lean mass (water) will be lost. Keep in mind these are all estimates, and only time will tell. Bottom line? My prediction is that I’ll be a solid 205 pounds at 6% body fat in about 4-6 months. So, if these predictions are accurate, that will mean I gained a good, solid 10-pounds of pure muscle over the past four months. I’ll take that!

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