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No time off from lifting; instead a “light week”.

Thursday, December 28, 2006 by  
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Just two more days and I’m on vacation until January 15th! I very much need a break from everything, as I’m starting to get that burned out feeling. As I said earlier this month, I will still be working out and adhering to my new cutting diet 100% while on vacation, but that’s because I want to do it, not because I “have to”.

I normally take a week off from lifting every 3 months or so, but it’s been much longer than 3 months since my last weight training hiatus. Instead of taking a week off, I think I’m simply going to do one week of moderate weight and lower volume workouts. I feel like I need a break, but I don’t want to take a week off from lifting so soon after my bulk. This should be a nice compromise.

So tomorrow will be my last update until January 15th. Actually, I may write an update on January 1st because I’ll be posting my pictures and final bulking stats on that day. We’ll see.

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