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Fired up about my 2007 cutting phase!

Friday, December 29, 2006 by  
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My two-week vacation starts this afternoon! As excited as I am about some time off from everything, I’m even more excited about starting my 2007 cutting phase on Monday, January 1st…

Even though I’ve managed to overcome the mental hurdles that prevent many former fat people from doing a full-on bulk (and, in the process, adding some fat), I have to admit that I’m not very happy with how I look right now. It’s difficult to look down and not see my abs, and I don’t like looking in the mirror and seeing my face looking rather round and puffy. Still, I wouldn’t change a thing about what I did on this last bulk. I worked very hard, ate clean and I literally have not missed a single workout or meal in over four months: That’s over 732 meals and well over 80 grueling strength training workouts. I probably added around 10 pounds of solid muscle, and all the hard work will pay off when I’m done cutting back down to 6% body fat.

Adding that fat has had one very nice side-benefit: I’m highly motivated to lose it! I’m going to apply the same dedication I had during this year’s bulk to my 2007 cut. Watch and see: 4 or 5 short months from now I’m going to have the leanest, healthiest and most muscular body of my entire life. I never say something like this unless I mean it, but you can bet the farm that by this summer I will be absolutely shredded. No cheat meals, no alcohol, no processed foods, no missed workouts. I have a goal, and everything I do (and do not do!) will be focused on achieving that goal. Here is my complete 2007 cutting program, and here are my post-bulk analysis and 2007 cutting predictions.

If you are unhappy with how you look and feel, I encourage you to join me and the countless other JSF members who have changed their lives for the better. You’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish with just a few short months of hard work and dedication. Take it one day at a time, and don’t ever stop believing in yourself.

This is my final Daily News update for 2006. I’ll be updating the page again on January 1st with my final bulking stats and pictures, and will resume my normal daily updates on January 15, 2007. Happy New Year everyone!

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