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New chest workout; New photo; “December” series of photos updated.

Last night I switched to a new chest workout. I went with my favorite pecs workout, the “all-dumbbell” workout, slightly modified. Here’s what I’ll be doing for the remainder of my bulk for chest: CHEST 4 x 12 Flat dumbbell bench press 4 x 12 Incline dumbbell bench press 4 x 12 Dumbbell flyes 4 x “Burnout” Cable cross-over (middle chest) I have not done flyes since I injured my shoulder back in 2003, so… [Read more]

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Complete 2007 cutting information to be posted this week – 98% done.

My 2007 cutting plans are 98% complete. I’ll be posting my new cardio routine, weight training splits, weight training style and my detailed food/supplement plan sometime this week – perhaps as soon as tomorrow. The food/supplement logs will be in the familiar “spreadsheet converted to html” format that all my existing food logs are in. The food log I post will consist of two complete meal plans: one for training days and one for non-training… [Read more]

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2007 cutting information.

My upcoming cut will be slow and methodical. Muscle loss is a big concern, so everything I do will be geared towards slow, steady fat loss and muscle preservation. As some of you already know, I’ll be doing something completely different for this year’s cut. I’ve had great success with SwoleCat’s SGX protocols, but I’ve never been satisfied to do the same thing over and over. I firmly believe that an important part of my… [Read more]

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Tips for big arms.

The new arm workout routine that I put together for the last few weeks of my bulk is a good one! I’m confident I’ll see some nice growth in my arms and forearms using this workout before the month is through. People always email me asking how to get “big guns”. In fact, with the exception of “how do I get a six-pack”, that’s probably the most-asked question I get. There are several important elements… [Read more]

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New arm workout starting tonight; Santa workout pictures.

Starting with tonight’s workout I’ll be changing all my exercise routines around for the final three weeks of my bulk. I’m going to continue to use the “Rolling Tricep Extensions” that I’ve been doing for the past month because they are a great triceps exercise and have absolutely been kicking my butt! In case you missed it, here’s how to perform the Rolling Tricep Extension exercise: Lay on the floor and use several small plates… [Read more]

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A bit more on my weight; Tonight’s workout; Last three weeks of 2006 bulk.

I have no idea what’s going on with my weight lately. I’m 1.5 pounds lighter today than I was on the 1st of the month – and I’ve increased my daily caloric intake twice this month! In fact, yesterday I ate like a horse all day long, and then had a massive cheat meal for dinner (Pizza and Buffalo Wings). Normally when I eat a cheat meal I’m like a water balloon the next day,… [Read more]

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Day off; Despite increasing my calories, I’m losing weight!

As long as there are no network/server problems at work, I’ve got the entire day off today! My morning cardio is already done, and I have no training scheduled for tonight. I’m sure I’ll find something to do… Despite increasing my daily caloric intake, my weight is actually dropping! It’s astounding how much food I’m consuming right now. I’m eating more in one day than I used to eat in three or four days back… [Read more]

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Horrible headache last night; Upcoming vacation announcement; Cutting goal.

I don’t get headaches very often, but last night about an hour before my workout I got a bad one. I have no idea why I got it, but it was definitely sinus-related. The pain was so intense that it made me a bit queasy. As I started my workout, I seriously thought my head was going to explode. After a couple of sets I came very close to throwing in the towel. My strength… [Read more]

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Weekly measurements; New “Favorite Things” item: The Harmony 880 Remote.

I had a nice day off from training yesterday. Lisa went Christmas shopping (my shopping is all done!), so I played with the dogs until we were all good and tired, then we curled up on the couch and watched movies all day. After this past week it was very nice to lay around with nothing to do and no obligations. I took my weekly measurements this morning. My arms are still just shy of… [Read more]

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A day off!

This past week has been pretty relentless from a work standpoint, and also from a training standpoint. To make things even more interesting, I was feeling a little under the weather a couple of those days. Thankfully I made it through the week without missing any meals or workouts, and I seem to have successfully fought off serious illness. Lisa and I got all the house cleaning done yesterday, and we finally put up our… [Read more]

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