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Intensity and effort.

Thankfully whatever was bothering my stomach is totally gone. I felt good all day yesterday, and had a very intense arm workout last night. The abbreviated rest intervals (just 40 seconds) I’ve been doing between each superset in recent weeks adds another whole facet of pain to my arm workout. I’m completely out of breath the entire workout, and picking up the weights and starting the next superset when I feel like I’m about to… [Read more]

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Some stomach problems yesterday; Happy it’s Friday!

I’m so glad that today is Friday! This past week been the craziest work week in recent memory. Thankfully things at work calmed down a bit yesterday, because I was experiencing stomach problems most of the day. I took a 2-hour nap yesterday afternoon and when I woke up I felt groggy, but at least my stomach had calmed down. I wound up having a great workout last night (delts/traps/calves), and managed to get all… [Read more]

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Exclusive AtLarge Nutrition end of the year sale!

When AtLarge Nutrition became an Official JSF sponsor, they set the bar very high with their quality products, fast shipping and excellent customer service. After all this time AtLarge continues to meet (and even exceed!) my own high expectations, and those of the JSF community. Additionally, AtLarge has impressive quantity discounts as a standard feature, and they frequently run sales and promotions to help JSF members save even more money. Starting today, AtLarge is running… [Read more]

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Another great workout on the heels of a very bad day.

My work week so far has been terrible! It’s been one of those weeks where nothing has gone right and the work keeps piling up faster than I can get it done. This morning I woke up to several new serious network problems, and I’m still trying to deal with yesterday’s issues! I try very hard to always keep a positive outlook, but yesterday was just a mess. Without going into too much detail, I’ll… [Read more]

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Another motivational speech.

Yesterday when I woke up I was feeling a little tired and like I might be getting sick. Then I had an extremely difficult and stressful day at work – a textbook “Monday”. By 6:00 PM I was feeling extremely stressed out, lethargic and tired. I really did not feel like working out, but it’s not like I was running a fever or sick to my stomach. Missing the workout would have been a copout,… [Read more]

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I hope I’m not getting sick; Poor night of sleep; Chest workout tonight.

Uh oh, I hope I’m not getting sick! So far this year I’ve felt something coming on just once before this morning, and I successfully fought it off before it could take hold. This morning I’m feeling a bit rough around the edges, and my throat is a little scratchy. Hopefully it’s just lack of sleep: Lisa came back from her business trip early this morning (around 1:00 AM or so). The way the dogs… [Read more]

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Selling my HDTV.

If you live in the Central Florida area and are looking for a good deal on a big screen High Definition TV, I’m selling mine. I’ll even deliver it to your home in plenty of time for Christmas along with a free progressive scan DVD player. It will hit craigslist later this week at a higher price if no JSF’ers in the local area want it. For more details and a photograph of the TV… [Read more]

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Great arm workout last night; A little extra sleep; Movie day.

After last week’s arm workout, I knew last night’s arm workout was going to be tough if I expected to exceed the intensity levels I reached last week. How did I do it? I cut another 5 seconds of all my rest intervals and upped the amount of weight I used on all exercises! It was hard, and I felt like I was going to collapse a few times (the scariest of which was towards… [Read more]

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New monthy photos; New workout photo; TITAN sale!

My new monthly photos are up. My gains this past month have been quite good (I posted my measurements and progress report on Monday). I only added 1/2″ to my waist this month, and I’m pretty sure I’m around 13% body fat right now. I’m actually pretty excited about bulking for an extra month! Last night’s workout (delts/traps/calves) was brutal, but fun. I enjoy working my delts and traps a lot. I posted more details… [Read more]

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New features for Bronze+ members; Lisa going out of town.

I’ve added a new feature for Bronze-level and higher JSF members: you now have the ability to embed Youtube videos directly into your posts! It’s very easy to do. You can read more about how to embed your favorite videos in this thread. Another feature I’ve recently added for Bronze-level and higher JSF members is the ability to use oversized avatars up to 175×175 pixels. For a complete list of features and membership packages, check… [Read more]

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