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New chest workout; Holiday shopping and the JSF Amazon Mall.

Tonight is my chest workout, and this is the week I’m changing all my routines around. For chest work, I like to rotate every four weeks between three basic types of workouts: barbell movements, dumbbell movements and smith machine movements. Dumbbell presses are my favorite chest workout, and barbell presses are a close second. I feel I get a different (but very effective) workout from the smith machine, but it’s my least favorite to perform…. [Read more]

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New leg workout; Food shopping done, but house cleaning today.

Here’s my new leg training routine for the next four weeks. I started doing this last night, and it was quite a workout: 4×12 Leg Extensions 4×12 Lying Leg Curls 4×12 Front Squats 4×12 Dumbbell Lunges Yesterday we got all the food shopping done, including a trip to Costco where (as usual) we spent way too much money. If you are wondering what kinds of foods I buy, I posted my grocery store food list… [Read more]

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Massive shopping and cleaning day.

I really enjoyed last night’s new arm routine. The rolling triceps extensions (we’re pretty sure that’s what they are called) kicked my butt! I also did standing dumbbell triceps extensions, which is one of my favorite triceps exercises. The problem with those is I could really use a partner to hand me the dumbbell from behind, and take it away when I’m done. It’s not fun bringing the dumbbell back around to the front after… [Read more]

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New arm routine/new triceps exercise; Last night’s workout.

Starting today I’ll be changing all my workouts around and performing the new workouts for the next four weeks. For my new arm workout, I decided to use a mix of my favorite mass builders, and I also added a new tricep exercise that 1FastGTX came across and suggested (more on that below). Here’s what I’ll be doing for my arms, starting tonight: Superset #1: Machine Preacher Curls & Cable Pressdowns (4 supersets of 12/12… [Read more]

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My morning ritual thrown off by a 15-minute delay.

This morning really got away from me! It’s quarter to nine, and I’m just starting my daily update. It’s dark and rainy outside, and that’s probably why the dogs and I woke up 15 minutes late (we’re always the first to wake up – Lisa sleeps later than we do). After I got up I fed the dogs, fed myself, drank 17 cups of coffee, did a few administrative chores on the forum and answered… [Read more]

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Finding your inner-strength; AtLarge Westside DVD offer!

I remember when I first started working out I was often told that it would be almost impossible for me to achieve the coveted “V” taper because I have very wide hips. At first I was discouraged, and it would have been very easy for me to whine about my genetics and give up on that goal. Instead I thought to myself, “Yeah, you have wide hips, but everything is relative. Why not just make… [Read more]

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Amazing workout last night; Shirtless and 231 pounds.

Last night’s chest workout was a full-on assault. It was one of those awesome workouts where the weights felt light, my energy reserves seemed inexhaustible and my shoulders did not give me any trouble at all. Workouts like the one I had last night always make me feel like I can accomplish anything! After my workout, I stepped on the scale (no shoes) and weighed in at 231 pounds. I decided to strip off my… [Read more]

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Weekly measurements/several new personal bests!

Every Monday morning I take my weekly measurements, and this morning I’m very happy with them! Please note that all my measurements are taken “cold”, which simply means my muscles are not pumped up. First, my arms have finally hit the 18 inch mark. Attaining 18 inch arms has taken me several years of very hard work and consistent dedication to my training & diet, but I always knew I had it in me. I’m… [Read more]

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Great leg workout last night; New calves picture.

Today is a cardio-only day for me, and I’m going to enjoy the day off from weight training. By the time Sunday rolls around, I’m always very sore from the three previous days’ workouts. I’m sure my CNS (Central Nervous System) is ready for a break as well. Last night was leg night, and I powered through the workout determined to best last week’s performance. I’m especially happy with my hamstring work last night, as… [Read more]

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Last night’s arm workout; New pictures.

Last night’s arm workout was completely brutal. It was the last of four arm workouts using that particular set of exercises, and I wanted to send it out in style! I talked a little more about the workout and put up a couple of new pictures in my photo journal. Here’s the link. Next Friday I will start changing all my exercises around again, so this weekend I’ll be deciding on the new exercise selections… [Read more]

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