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Last update before we move – I’m on hiatus for about a month.

Regular visitors to this site know that Lisa and I will be moving to a new home this week. This move will be a fairly large undertaking, and getting settled in is going to require my full attention for awhile. I’m taking all my vacation time from work in January, and I will also be taking a break from updating this site during that time. I will resume my daily updates on Monday, February 4,… [Read more]

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Last weekend day before the move – packing!

I’m glad that Lisa and I got a lot of packing accomplished last weekend, because yesterday – one of only two remaining weekend days left before the move – I was blindsided with some emergencies at work and wound up working all day long. Thankfully I was able to get everything resolved yesterday, which is a relief because it could have been far worse. Today we’re going to have to buckle down and get just… [Read more]

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Goals: turning dreams into reality.

Yesterday’s Pre-Close Orientation meeting went extremely well. If you are interested, I gave a full account of everything that transpired in yesterday’s entry to my new home construction journal (an upgraded forum membership is required). After the meeting Lisa and I decided to celebrate. We went to our favorite Mexican restaurant and ate until we were stuffed, and last night for dinner I made cheeseburgers and fries. I normally never have more than one cheat… [Read more]

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Important meeting: New home Pre-Close Orientation; Delaying hiatus from JSF.

This is a big day for me and Lisa: we’re exactly one week from closing on our new home, and this morning we’re meeting with the foreman and a member of the quality control team to walk the house, create a final punch list and go over the various systems. I drove out to the new house yesterday afternoon by myself and carefully looked over everything at my own pace. I’ve got a little over… [Read more]

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New home passed all inspections; Looking back over the past ten months.

The new home passed all its final inspections yesterday, and the Certificate of Occupancy was issued! This is it: we’re finally coming to the end of the long, exciting (and often stressful!) process that started all the way back in March. It’s funny because at the beginning of March Lisa and I had not even considered moving. One fateful day in early March the UPS driver was telling me about a really nice subdivision that… [Read more]

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Can’t wait to set up my new gym; New home’s final inspections are today.

I’m so excited about getting the new flooring installed and the Titan reassembled in the new home gym! It’s going to be nice to finally have a tough, high-quality gym floor (more information on the flooring along with photos can be found in my December 13, 2007 update). The old foam stuff I had before was coming up at just about all the interlocking points and it was buckling up in many spots. The tiles… [Read more]

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Old house is pretty much ready to turn over to the new owners.

As I mentioned yesterday, Lisa and I accomplished a tremendous amount of work over the weekend. Yesterday evening I knocked out the rest of drywall repairs and completed all the painting. All the remains is to finish packing and a final thorough cleaning of the old house right after we move all our stuff out. Clothes, food and the computers/office stuff are all that is left to be packed. We’ll probably pack up most of… [Read more]

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Moving is a huge job; Productive Sunday; New and old house pictures.

Preparing to move has been a much bigger undertaking than I imagined: aside from packing, the cleaning, drywall repair and painting of the old house has turned out to be a massive job. Then we’ve got the final stages of the new home’s construction, which must be carefully supervised. In addition, all kinds of stuff must be planned out and taken care of before the move: address changes with dozens and dozens of companies +… [Read more]

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Another spending spree at Home Depot; January’s “100 Challenge” open for entry!

Lisa and I didn’t get nearly as much accomplished yesterday as I’d hoped. I did manage to spend WAY too much money at Home Depot. We entered Home Depot with an already large list of items to purchase, and – as usual – I bought about twice as many things as I’d set out to purchase. My advice to those of you who are moving into a new home is to create a budget for… [Read more]

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AtLarge 10% off Holiday Sale; Less than two weeks until the big move!

The big news this morning is that AtLarge Nutrition is running a very special holiday 10% off sale! Everyone on the forum has been asking for a sale, and Chris and Daniel have come through. The holiday special only runs through December 23, 2007, so order right away! Also, be sure to take advantage of AtLarge’s multi-unit discounts for even greater savings. More information on the sale is immediately below today’s update. There are only… [Read more]

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