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Feedback about yesterday’s update; Early mistakes.

Friday, January 19, 2007 by  
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I received a fair amount of positive feedback about yesterday’s article on my supplement intake. Apparently a lot of people who are new to proper dieting were confused by the supplement aspect of my food logs. Sometimes I forget how daunting all this information can be to someone new to the world of fitness. I remember when I first started my transformation back in January of 2003 I was baffled by many subjects that now seem like common knowledge. It is a lot to take in, I know! That’s why I strongly feel that focusing on the basics and not over-complicating things is the best approach when you are first starting out. If you look at my early food logs you can see that I was only taking two supplements: L-glutamine and extra fiber. The extra fiber was to make up for the lack of fiber that I should have been getting in my diet. Yes, my early diet was poor. I was still learning. I want to reiterate that my early food logs are only presented for the sake of completeness, and not as something to emulate. Obviously what I did worked for me and I lost the fat, but if I knew back then what know now, I would not have gone about it in the same way. What do I mean by that? Well, I would have eaten more food. I would have included more healthy fats. I would have eaten more animal-based protein. I would have eaten more natural foods and less processed foods. I wouldn’t have done HIIT in a fasted state. I wouldn’t have lifted weights in a fasted state. I wouldn’t have done HIIT cardio every single day. Stuff like that…

Some may say, “Yeah, but why would you change things? What you did obviously worked!” I can’t argue with that, but that doesn’t mean I could have done better. I certainly slowed my metabolism to a crawl eating such a small amount of food each day. I’m cutting right now and eating more in one day than I used to eat in 2 or 3 days! I may not have lost much muscle, but that’s because there was not much to lose back then! I probably would have added some “newbie” muscle if I’d gone about things more intelligently. My diet was certainly far more healthy than the way I was eating prior to my transformation, but it was still far from optimal.

I’m not saying that I’m not proud of what I accomplished – I am. What I did took a lot of hard work and dedication, especially considering how little I was eating. I’m just saying that mistakes were made, and I’d be foolish to not acknowledge those mistakes, and pass on what I’ve learned to others.

I’d better wrap this up and get to work. It’s going to be a busy day. Happy Friday!

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