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Lots going on this week; Temptation.

Monday, January 29, 2007 by  
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This is an exciting week – there’s a lot going on, and it all comes to a head this Thursday, February 1st:

First, the February “100 Challenge” kicks off on Thursday. If you’d like to participate then you have until 7:00 AM (EST) on Thursday morning to enter.

Also on Thursday I’ll be announcing a brand new JSF sponsor. I think anyone who trains with weights is going to appreciate what they bring to JSF. My first order was placed on a Sunday, and it was shipped first thing the next morning. The products I received are all of extremely high quality. This company fills a void in the JSF sponsor lineup, and I know you are all going to like what they have to offer. The owner is even going to kick things off with a special 10% off sale for JSF members right out of the gate. Details on Thursday morning!

And, of course, I’ll be posting my new monthly pictures on this Thursday. Frankly I can’t wait to get the January picture off the front page, as I really hate looking that soft. I’m still a long way from my goal of 6% body fat, but I feel that I’m making excellent progress.

There are a couple of temptations coming up that will certainly test my resolve: Superbowl Sunday I’m preparing a nice roast pork dinner for the whole family, but I will not be eating any of it. I also will not be drinking any alcohol or otherwise deviating from my planned meals. The next big temptation will be Valentine’s day. Lisa seemed slightly disappointed when I told her that I will not be drinking wine, but I don’t need the wine to enjoy myself! My meal plan for that night calls for lean steak, so I’ll still be having a very tasty dinner.

Some of you may think I’m depriving myself, but I really don’t look at it that way at all. Actually, I feel empowered because I am able to set goals and then accomplish those goals through sheer force of will. Each day we are presented with choices, and the choices we make lead us in one direction or another. I try to make choices that take me closer to my goal, and never away from it. Once I reach my goal I’ll be able to maintain my physique while enjoying a less strict diet, but until then I’m going to be very, very strict.

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