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Modification to my cutting diet/workouts are coming! Here’s a preview…

Tuesday, January 30, 2007 by  
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February 12th will mark the start of my seventh week of my current cutting phase. Starting that week my food consumption will change, my supplement intake will change, my cardio workouts will change and (perhaps) my strength training routines will be tweaked. Sometime within the next week or so I’ll be adding a new food log to reflect the dietary and supplement changes, and I’ll update my training page to reflect the cardio and training modifications. These changes will be in effect for four weeks, at which time further modifications will be made.

Here’s a preview of what will adjusted (this is not 100% finalized, but should be close):

  • Increased cardio (30 minutes of fasted LISS cardio three times per week on non-training days).
  • My daily caloric intake will be reduced.
  • Glutamine, BCAAs and Vitamin C will be consumed prior to fasted cardio.
  • I’ll using Beverly’s “Super Pack” multi-vitamin instead of Universal’s “Animal Pak”.
  • I’m going to try “Udo’s Choice” oil and see how it compares to Beverly’s “EFA Gold”, which is what I have been using.
  • Training volume may be reduced slightly.

I’m very excited about these changes! I feel like I’ve made very good progress so far, and these modifications should ratchet my progress up another couple notches.

Of course a huge “thank you!” goes out to USBF & NBI Professional Natural bodybuilder (and JSF form member) Mastover for all his kind help and contest preparation expertise.

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