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One month of cutting complete; Power of positive thinking.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007 by  
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It feels pretty good to have the first month of my 2007 cutting phase in the books. I can honestly say I’ve never worked harder or been more strict with my diet than I have over the last 31 days. Each day at lunch when I’m forcing down yet another plate of dry chicken, several cups of broccoli (which has never been a favorite of mine), brown rice and water, I’m thinking only of that meal. Thinking ahead can be devastating when it comes to the monotony that often accompanies strict dieting (“Oh man, I have to do this for the next 5 months!”) Instead I think “This meal is the perfect fuel for me to reach my goals. When I finish eating it, I’ll be that much closer!”

It’s all about believing in what you are doing and thinking positively. Negative thoughts are very powerful, and they will take you completely out of your game if you allow them to persist. I’d like for you to try an experiment today: be very cognizant of your thoughts. Each time a negative thought pops into your mind, make a little mark on a scrap of paper. Count your marks at the end of the day, and you may be surprised at what you see – I know I was the first time I tried this experiment. At first it will require a lot of your attention to recognize and shut down negative thinking, but over time you’ll find that it becomes practically automatic. This one change will make a massive difference in every area of your life, I promise you.

As of this morning I’m down to 224 pounds from my bulking end weight of 236 pounds. I expect tomorrow’s monthly pictures to show a slight improvement over my end-of-bulk pictures from one month ago, but nothing too Earth-shattering. The really big changes should start coming over the next two months as I continue to strip away the fat. I expect to be around 10% body fat by the end of February, and closing in on 8% or so by the end of March. Going from 8% to 6% body fat in April & May will be a real challenge for me, and I’m very excited about that prospect!

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