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A good couple of months; Get well soon, Turtle!

February sure flew by! I can’t believe it’s already the last day of the month. I may not be allowing myself any “cheat” meals during this cut, but I am going to take a moment this morning to shamelessly pat myself on the back for adhering 100% to my self-imposed cutting guidelines thus far. I’ve not missed a single workout, cardio session, or meal. I’ve not eaten even a single bite of food that is… [Read more]

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Are you wasting your life?

There’s no getting around it now: summer will be here in no time! The coldest months of the year are behind us and students are heading to the beaches en mass to celebrate Spring Break. Winter clothes will soon be packed away to make room for summer wardrobes. Even though it gets quite hot here in Florida, I absolutely love the summer time: Long sunny days, pool parties, trips to the beach, barbecues, jet skiing,… [Read more]

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Huge response to yesterday’s update; Measurement Monday.

Within five minutes of yesterday’s Daily News article hitting the server, the emails began to flood in. The response was completely overwhelming. Reading your emails stirred up a lot of my own old memories and emotions. The one thing I kept reading over and over is how many of you are currently struggling with the same issues I once grappled with. Obesity, drugs, alcohol, negativity, cigarettes, addiction… it’s a painful existence, and sometimes there seems… [Read more]

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Overcoming drug addiction.

I receive a lot of email every day and, as expected, most of the emails are from people who want to lose fat and/or gain muscle. Apart from that, the most common topics I see on a regular basis are substance abuse and addiction. I’ve always been very open and honest about my past, and I’ve never shied away from discussing my own substance abuse problems, and how I managed to overcome them. For those… [Read more]

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Good fat loss progress continues; Simple muscle loss test.

This month may have gotten off to a slow start, but ever since my diet changed at the beginning of week seven the fat has been flying off my body once again. As of this morning I’m down to 218.2 pounds and below 11% body fat. I’m excited about taking my weekly measurements on Monday morning, especially my waist measurement. I was tempted to check my waist measurement this morning, but I’m going to wait…. [Read more]

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6% body fat goal remains; Interesting forum discussion.

So, yesterday I was musing on the possibility of cutting back to 4% body fat instead of 6% body fat. As a result, a few interesting discussions were sparked on the forum. This thread is a particularly good discussion, and it covers a lot of ground (health, cosmetic surgery, what is attractive and why?) There are a whole host of reasons people train with weights, workout and eat a careful diet: general health, strength, athletic… [Read more]

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New goal? ~4% body fat?

I wonder what my body fat percentage was back in the summer of 2003? At the time I estimated that I was around 8%, but now when I look at all the pictures I took in June 2003 I’m pretty sure that I was actually lower than 8% body fat – probably closer to 6%. Just look at how skinny I was in these pictures, which were taken on June 17th, 2003. These photographs were… [Read more]

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Redemption: last night’s workout; Realization of my “V-taper”; Cutting progress.

After the disappointing start to Monday night’s workout (back & biceps), I went into last night’s workout fiercely determined to best last week’s pecs & triceps lifts on every single exercise. I knew it was going to be a challenge because last Tuesday’s workout was pretty amazing, but I was feeling very good and knew I was up for the task… As I’ve mentioned before, I put a little “check mark” to the right of… [Read more]

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Another 500-pound deadlift attempt; Hip pain; March “100 Challenge”.

I was very excited about last night’s workout because I wanted to attempt a 500-pound deadlift while fresh. I felt really good in the hours leading up to my workout, and during the warm-up sets my confidence continued to grow. After my warm-up sets I did a couple of 400+ pound acclimation sets before the 500-pound attempt, and during those sets I felt some pain and a bit of weakness in my hips. Honestly, I’ve… [Read more]

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Waist size down almost an inch in one week; Quitting after a taste of victory.

After a fairly lengthy fat loss plateau that plagued the first half of this month, the recent changes to my diet have reignited my fat burning engine! As I mentioned in yesterday’s update, I’m now down to 11% body fat and looking noticeably leaner in my mid-section. This morning I performed my weekly measurements and was astonished to find that my waist size has dropped almost a full inch in just one week! It seems… [Read more]

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